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We can rapidly deploy solutions for large customers to meet their trucking and logistics requirements. We first understand your business, and build a bespoke product that allows you to stay on top of your game.


We cater our services to all most all Industries,companies and individuals that operates a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles.


Freight & logistics

Managing and running a freight and logistics company is plain difficult. In order to rule the market, you would need to prove that your organization provides quality, reliable and efficient services.

Larger logistics companies in the country have already been taking advantage of the technology to provide more accurate and faster service to client. Contact us, No Business is too small for us! we will help you improve your business


Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing and logistics industry are closely connected. In order to succeed in Make in India initiative, manufacturing Industry should invest more in "Transport in India".

We help manufacturing and logistics industry to achive better efficiencies by improving their technology, Systems and processes.


Mining Companies

Mining companies can better optimize their logistics and distribution systems by embracing all things digital. Advanced logistics technologies are a very important aspect

that helps Minining companies. We help you upgrade your transport management Systems.


Civil Supplies

Transportation of food grains to public is a major challange for civil supplies organizations. We help you build IT applications in Transport & Inventory management,

GPS based vehicle tracking with Central command center and citizen centric moitoring and tracking features. Use your technology and solutions to eliminate misuse, diversion of food grains.



We make your life easier. Simple.

Opentruck caters to all your trucking needs. Loads, Dispatches, Tracking, Messaging are all seamlessly integrated to deliver one great trucking management software. Leverage the power of Opentruck to keep your customers happy, increase your revenue, optimise your operations and scale up your business. The nitty-gritties are no more a hurdle for your business, Opentruck takes care of them all.

Opentruck helps you:

  • To manage and schedule dispatches and Loads.
  • To Track dispatches in real time.
  • In communicating and tracking your drivers in real time
  • In messaging Customers the where-abouts of their load automatically, without your intervention.
  • In empowering your customers and build Trust & brand value
  • In increasing your profits by optimising the operations
  • In easy scaling up of your business


Fremont IT solutions Private Ltd is a company founded by Silicon Valley, California entrepreneurs, having decades of experience in large Enterprise wide IT systems and ERPs. We are committed to serve your business needs with the most effective and efficient Transport Management system and 24/7 Customer service.


Opentruck caters to all your trucking needs. Loads, Dispatches, Tracking, Messaging are all seamlessly integrated to deliver one great trucking management software.

Customer care is great. I had several questions during setup and about its capabilities and the Opentruck Customer service reps were helpful and timely in their calls.

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Feroz P
Fleet Manger

Overall I am happy with Opentruck, and am looking forward to more updates.

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Fleet owner

This product basically does what it says it does. I like that I can see where my truck is in real time; So, it definitely gives me peace of mind. Great product.

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Ravi Kiran
Transport Agent & Fleet owner

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